Medical Marketing Tips

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Medical marketing tips

  • Promote your medical specialty: On your website narrow down your focus to the procedures you are most noted for.
  • Launch a professional website: Did you know that half of American adults have searched online for health information? This makes the search for medical or health information one of the most popular online activities after email and researching things to buy online. If you don't currently have a website, the unfortunate fact is that you aren't even being considered by the majority of new and potential patients. Make it a priority to have a quality website detailing your medical expertise, training, patient testimonials, research and publications, and contact information as soon as possible.
  • Identify your website goal: A website is the face of a medical practice or hospital. However, based on Aurora’s research, many doctors have template, old, or dated looking websites that are not up to the marketing challenge. This is a mistake. Doctors, hospitals, and medical practices need a website that’s been designed to complement and enhance branding, image, and expertise.
  • Promote your website: Doctors should understand that website traffic is life. Without website traffic, there is no reason to have a website, period. Internet marketing and search engine companies provide services to doctors to increase website traffic by using pay-per-click and organic search engine marketing techniques.
  • Publish research and clinical expertise: Doctors should frequently publish information and research about their areas of expertise on the Internet and elsewhere. Every single day, thousands of editors, web masters, and newsletter publishers search for original and informative articles about disease diagnosis, treatment, research, and new advancements in medicine. If you can publish articles, which teach readers about your specialty, you will become recognized experts and there will be more demand for your services.
  • Focus on the patient experience: Encourage patients to write testimonials about their experiences. Post the testimonials on your website. Website visitors love to read positive experiences about a doctor’s services. Wouldn’t you?
We turn proven strategies into innovative methods for your practice’s success. Our budget-conscious plans help you get started with the most effective tactics first and then roll out more targeted initiatives in the future.

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