What Is An Intranet Portal?

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Bitrix24: Your all-in-one intranet portal solution

Bitrix24 is a highly accessible intranet portal software solution designed to offer Enterprise-level features and scalability to businesses of any size. Merging award-winning security and superior performance with a unique set of features, the Bitrix24 intranet portal is an ideal addition to your business management philosophy.

Key features of the Bitrix24 intranet portal include:

Best Online Portal - Permissions-based access

Permissions-based access

Easy-to-use, flexible tools allow you to set custom permissions that control access to uploading and editing features. Permission sets can be created by user group, or applied to individual users for granular control over your intranet portal activities.

Best Portal Solution - Task management

Task management

Create and assign tasks to users for documentation of project steps, daily activities, and individual responsibilities. Use the included Gantt chart features for managing project timelines, sub-tasks, and aligning project load with employee availability, all from within your intranet portal.

Intranet software document management

Document management

Build document libraries for easy storage and sharing of important information. Use the built-in “Business Processes” for document approval workflows, or create your own using the Business Process Graphical Editor (BizPace Edition only). Make your intranet portal your home for all things process-related.

Best Portal Solution - Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Track the development of relationships with your clients and customers from the initial call to the final contract from directly within your intranet portal. Create leads, businesses, and contacts in the CRM tool for easy management and review of project statuses, email communications, and sales calls. Link leads to products or services, and view your revenue potential through the sales funnel, for a quick and easy overview of your sales productivity.

Intranet portal search indexing

Powerful search capabilities

Bitrix24’s powerful indexing allows you to quickly and easily search through your contacts, leads, and even the contents of documents (PDF, Word, Excel). Predictive search makes suggestions as you type, all neatly categorized for your review. Finding information stored in your intranet portal is a breeze.

Best Portal Solution - Active Directory/LDAP integration

Active Directory/LDAP integration

Connect the Bitrix24 intranet portal with your existing Active Directory installation. Pre-populate your portal with your existing user credentials, contact information, and company structure. You can even enable Single Sign-on (SSO) for automatic user authentication in your intranet portal.

Best Portal Solution - Windows Server, MSSQL, MySQL

Robust installation options

Whether you run Windows Server 2008 r2 with IIS7.5 and MSSQL or Ubuntu with Apache and MySQL, the Bitrix24 intranet portal has you covered. Designed to work in a variety of hosting environments, Bitrix24 can be installed as part of your local network or on a dedicated machine off site.

Affordable intranet portal software

Plus so much more

Personal and company calendars, absence charts, company organization charts, a searchable employee directory, instant messaging, and video chat are just a small portion of the many features that round out the Bitrix24 intranet portalís capabilities.

To set up a custom-tailored, one-on-one demonstration of the Bitrix24 intranet portal, please contact us at 845-424-6258.