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Social Intranet Software- Bitrix24

Bitrix24, the New, Social Intranet Software

Business is evolving, and so is intranet software. Collaboration and the flow of information between employees are more valuable than ever. With an ever increasing amount of billable work happening remotely, the ability to review deliverables from anywhere is quickly becoming the norm. Don’t be left behind, join the social intranet software revolution.

Best intranet software - Activity Stream

Activity Stream

Today’s best intranet software revolves around collaboration. In the same way that Facebook keeps you up-to-date on your friends’ evening plans, Bitrix24’s Activity Stream provides access to the daily activities of your business. See when new tasks are created, relevant documents are uploaded, and when news is published.

Best intranet software - workgroups


Workgroups provide a collaborative location for managing group projects from directly within your intranet software. Users can be invited to share files, partake in discussions, or add detailed information to a shared workgroup Wiki. Specific users can be assigned moderation functions to keep discussions relevant to the task at hand.

Best intranet software - Instant Messaging and Video Chat

Instant Messaging and Video Chat

It should never be expected that third-party services such as Skype are protecting your business’ privacy. Let your intranet software keep you safe. Bitrix24’s instant messaging and video chat features allow for employee interactions to remain within your secure network and as part of your intranet software installation. WebRTC-based video chat provides point-to-point, encrypted communications for fast, high quality, secure collaboration.

Best intranet software - Corporate Wiki

Corporate Wiki

Leverage your employees’ collective knowledge through Bitrix24’s built-in Wiki functionality. Much like Wikipedia, the included Wiki is a resource that can be edited by all those allowed access; stored entirely within your intranet software. Have employees share their technical and business expertise with one another through the creation of a collaborative knowledge base.

Best portal software - Bitrix Intranet Portal

A Full Featured Intranet Software Solution

Bitrix24 includes a large number of additional tools perfect for managing the day-to-day activities of your organization – it's an all-in-one intranet software package. Task management, personal calendars, powerful search capabilities, and so much more make it the perfect intranet software solution for businesses of any size.

Bitrix24 provides an intranet software experience that stands above the competition, providing unique features and capabilities only seen in the best of enterprise portal solutions.