Medical Website Design & Marketing Expertise

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Medical Website Design

Your medical practice website is the heart of your marketing efforts. A healthy, hard-working site is the powerhouse behind a lot of critical functions. Aurora IT designs healthcare websites that keep successful practices pumping, with everything from new patient recruiting to enhanced patient services and improved practice productivity. And our content marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) know-how keep you at the top of the list.

Medical Logo Design

Your practice logo is an immediate visual depiction of what your practice is all about. Achieving aesthetic appeal and creating simplicity at the same time is complicated, but necessary in order to stand out. Aurora IT works with you to determine how you want your practice to be identified and what characteristics you want your practice to convey. We collaborate with you on designs and present several eye-catching medical logos to choose from.

Medical Marketing & Public Relations

In addition to medical website design for hospitals, physicians, medical practices and medical associations, Aurora IT provides medical marketing, public relations and superior search optimization (SEO) at affordable rates. Successful medical marketing brings together each of these elements and more under well-defined goals for practice growth and patient care. Medical press releases writing/publishing and patient-friendly medical copywriting spreads the word about your practice and expertise.

Organic SEO

To successfully conquer the Web, your medical practice should have a scalable and cost-effective online marketing strategy that includes search engine optimization (SEO). Our SEO campaigns are 100% growth-oriented and designed to establish a pattern of consistent lead generation. Since most people donít look past the first page of search results, getting top ten placement can make the difference between success and failure.

Portal Solutions

Bitrix Intranet Portal is designed with large and small businesses in mind providing Enterprise 2.0 solutions and collaboration. Bitrix Intranet portal is the ultimate tool for web technologies featuring high security standards, superior performance capabilities, high scalability, and an intuitive, user-friendly GUI. Bitrix Intranet Portal increases the flow of information inside the company, broadens your reach with Extranet, and makes all of this interaction more transparent to management with Business Processes.


A website content management system (CMS) minimizes the cost of maintaining your website by offering you a better way to manage information online. You don't need to be web designer or programmer to service, maintain, and manage the day to day content flow on your website. Itís user-friendly and easy to navigate. By using a CMS, you have the freedom to manage your website from any computer ANYWHERE in the world regardless with little to no programming skills.


CloudVisitTM brings your medical know-how home to each patient. With online video chat technology and HIPAA-compliant security measures, you can schedule, conduct, and manage online appointments for the highest level of patient accessibility without sacrificing productivity. CloudVisitSM is making news and gaining popularity among psychiatrists and other medical professionals. Features include: practice website, unlimited online video sessions, appointment calendar, credit card billing, exportable treatment notes and much more!