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Is website content important?

If you want to have a highly ranked website, the short answer to that question is: YES. To get successful and naturally high rankings in the results of popular search engines, your website copy should be relevant, attractive and useful to your potential customers. Compelling, search engine-friendly content should be the next priority of your search optimization campaign.†One of the top medical marketing tools at your disposal is information. Search engines are hungry for it. If you feed them with plentiful medical copy, they will reward you with ascendant Google, Yahoo and other search engine rankings. Happily, the demand for patient education information and the search engines’ appetite for text is a match made in Internet heaven.†

Donít have time to write patient education articles?

Commission Aurora IT to write articles for you within your field of expertise. Weíll craft informative patient education articles relevant to your specialty and get them published on reputable online sources. The smartest approach to building a dominant presence online is multimodal, and while publish or perish isnít the case here, medical article publishing is one more facet of an intelligent Internet marketing strategy. Aurora IT has accomplished medical writers on staff who are experienced at medical writing and can help your website fulfill its potential for exposure AND educate the patients and clients you serve with solid, scientifically sound healthcare information.

We have a full range of medical editorial services at Aurora IT. If you already have a website but want to augment it with additional healthcare copy, our writers are ready. We can write all of the copy for a new website and structure it to advance your standing on search engines. Aurora IT will edit existing copy you have already written that needs to be optimized for the web. We can also consult with you about how best to write your own medical copy to make your website most effective and garner the largest audience.†

Online publishing services

If youíve written articles but have fallen behind on getting them distributed, weíll help you with publishing on the Internet. Online publishing is yet another tool that builds the visibility of your website. Not only will article publishing get your name broadly circulated on the Internet, but by posting a link to your website on your article, youíll create inbound links that bring people directly back to you. The more clicks linking back to you, the higher your placement on search engines. Donít hesitate to contact us to discuss our copywriting and content enhancement services, whether youíre interested in a basic update of your current website or total site re-design.

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