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Keywords and key phrases

Did you know that 70 to 80% of your website’s traffic comes from search engines? Increasing your website traffic requires top search engine positioning. One of the factors, used to determine your position in search engines like Google is keyword/key phrase density. "Keywords" and "key phrases" represent the terms, used by consumers to search for information online. That’s why choosing the right keywords is vital to your search engine positioning and success.

Aurora IT is expert at understanding how content and key phrase density relates to what people are searching for on the Internet. Our tools and analysis will remove the "guess work" from your search engine positioning campaign and determine which keywords and phrases you need to target. Furthermore, our keyword analysis and selection system will identify the best keywords for you to target and help ensure that qualified users will find pages on your website relevant to their search.

We’ll analyze your website’s log files and perform a comprehensive competitive analysis, using our state-of-the-art analytics tools and proprietary databases to identify commonly searched for key phrases. We’ll uncover the niche keywords, relevant to your industry, and fine-tune your website content. Aurora IT will design and program pages aimed at capturing specific key phrases.

Our services include:

  • Keyword and key phrase research
  • Optimizing your website content and marketing materials
  • Designing web pages around relevant search terms
  • Optimizing your site’s architecture, URL structure and navigation to match your keywords
  • Finding the right domain name to take advantage of relevant keywords and phrases

More importantly, Aurora IT wile design a website for your business that’s consumer-focused, user-friendly, and one that will convert visitors into customers and keep them coming back.

Keyword and key phrase placement

Using particular keywords in website copy is critically important to your search engine placement and marketing efforts. Key phrases need to appear in your site’s content so that search engines will know how to rank your website. How often and where those keywords appear on your site will contribute to how your site is ranked for relevant search terms.

In short: if your site is tightly focused around specific keywords, it will be better ranked and therefore will draw significantly more search traffic than a website that isn’t.

Aurora IT will build a list of keywords that will increase your site traffic. We’ll construct pages for your site using the keywords and phrases your prospect customers are searching for. We'll also use those key terms in your website’s tags, title, descriptions, and links. Your bi-weekly, or monthly, traffic reports will include keyword conversion metrics to establish keywords and key phrases, returning the best search results.

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