Organic SEO

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Organic SEO

There are two types of search results—organic and sponsored. Sponsored search results, or pay-per-click ads, appear on the top and right-hand side of a search engine page. Listings on the main portion of the page are the organic search results. Businesses that buy sponsored advertising pay a predetermined amount every time someone clicks on the ad.

Organic is good. If your website ranks in the top ten in natural search results, go out and buy yourself some organic wine and give yourself a hearty toast! This is no easy achievement. It means out of hundreds and thousands of websites, yours has risen to the top. Since most people don’t look past the first page of search results, getting top ten placement can make the difference between success and failure. Itís that important.

Organic is natural

People prefer organic search results because search engines like Google and Yahoo rank them on an objective basis for quality content. Sponsored links are essentially ads, and most people arenít very interested in spending their time reading advertising. However, pay-per-click ads are a good way to make your presence known immediately. But high placement on Google is the most effective way to draw clients to your site, which makes the competition fierce.

Processed vs. organic

Just as organic foods are more expensive, so too is building a website that is search engine friendly. The health benefits of eating organic food accumulate over time. This analogy extends to websites whose health and viability will benefit greatly over the long haul if itís designed for optimal organic search results. You can go quick and cheap with standardized web design and sponsored ads and suffer later, or build a smart, customized, search engine friendly website whose return on investment will be like a steady diet of organic vegetables.

Masterful at SEO

Aurora approaches SEO from many different angles to get you out in front. We have analytics experts who determine the right keywords and phrases and the proper placement of those words within your site. Weíll help you build content-rich, unique pages that search engines love. We are experts at transforming your site data into powerful traffic driving tools and keeping your website vigorous, highly competitive and among the top ten in organic search results. We are known for this.

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