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Vitality Logix


Vitality Logix provides care in functional, osteopathic, and internal medicine in the tri-state area. The practice needed a logo to stand behind and a sophisticated website to educate a wide range of patients with an overview of their diverse services.
  • Custom Logo Design
  • Web Development and Copywriting
  • Online Video Production
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Press Release Campaign

Vitality Logix

Dr. Gizersky, founder of Vitality Logix, provides care in functional, osteopathic, and internal medicine for men and women in the tri-state area. The client requested complete website design and graphic design of informational brochures with a sophisticated vintage-modern theme. A new brand identity and website showcase the modern-vintage look and feel of the practice with educational materials, detailed information about the practice, services provided, complete with client testimonials and video content.

The website features content specific to men and women based on conditions and intervention therapies. Aurora worked closely with Dr. Gizersky to design a website to expertly organize his specialties -- covering everything from internal medicine and cognitive wellbeing to sexual health and weight loss. This website was built using a professional Content Management System (CMS) so the doctor himself can easily modify the website's content without third-party assistance.