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You need a single application that will allow you to solve complex website security problems. Time won't stand still for you, and neither will your competition. Consumers expect to find current information about you, your business and your products or services on your website. Trust has to be earned, so consumers also expect to be able to interact with you or your business via the Internet. That’s why you’ll face a host of security challenges as you make crucial decisions about your company’s website.

To make those decisions easier on you, we offer a wide range of web development and online application customization services for business owners interested in expanding their marketplace using the web. Our client’s come from a variety of industries—from Delaware Urologic’s online medical practitioners to Train World’s online hobbyists. Our programmers and site developers will work with you to design the kinds of e-commerce solutions, reliable database applications and secure affiliate partnership programs that businesses increasingly need to stay competitive on the web.

Here at Aurora IT, you'll find the talent, the experience and the online marketing expertise necessary to make your website stand apart from the competition. Our specialists will offer you solutions to improve your company's productivity and overall profitability by making your site secure for employees and safe for consumers. Your company can take advantage of an approach to design that emphasizes our commitment to both identity and information security architecture.

Reliable security architecture on time and under budget

If you’ve never come across the term “security architecture” before, you’re not alone. Security isn’t a new concept to most PC users. Most of us are aware of common security threats like the viruses, worms and spyware, collectively known as malware, and most of us use an anti-virus program or a firewall. A few of us even use intrusion detection. By comparison, architectural site security is still something of a mystery.

The thing to remember is that the anti-virus software, firewalls, and intrusion detection systems familiar to most of us, barely scratch the surface of the security landscape. To put it simply, the aforementioned are reactive solutions to active security threats, as opposed to proactive measures designed to anticipate those threats and thereby render them harmless. That’s not to say that such applications don’t have a major role to play, but rather that they won’t be enough to protect your website.

Real security in real time

Once you’ve moved beyond the reactive security measures mentioned above, you’ll find a broader field of architecture-based site security. That field deals with how our designers and programmers will go about setting up your website so that its systems are secure enough to prevent security breaches, minimize such breaches if they do occur, and quickly react to and recover from any intrusions.

That’s why we’ll use the Bitrix Content Management Solution when we build your site. Bitrix provides a resilient security architecture framework that will offer a foundation that enables secure communication, protects your businesses information resources and processes while ensuring that your methods of delivering goods and services remain secure. Bitrix CMS security elements will be incorporated into your website’s technical solutions, defining both the workflow process and rules of behavior that will secure, then economically protect your information assets.

Security Architecture and the Bitrix Site Management System

The Bitrix Site Manager was developed with your security considerations in mind. Vigorously tested in order to identify potential vulnerabilities to attacks via the web—from the source code level to the application level—confirming the Bitrix Site Manager’s virtual invulnerability to all known forms of attack.

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