License Policy

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License policy

Bitrix Site Manager’s license policy supports a limited multisite feature. The two sites are automatically included in the license; with additional licenses, however, extra sites can be added.

With Bitrix Site Manager purchase, you receive the software with the full source code, a license key and rights to design two sites with one product installation.

The following have no limitations:

  • The amount of working places
  • The amount of registered users and user groups
  • The amount of domain names
  • The quantity of information posted on the site

Multi-site support

With a copy of Bitrix Site Manager, you can design two or more sites that feature a single, shared database of users, authorization system, and shared advertising spaces. If you design more than two, a supplemental license needs to be purchased. For instance, two versions of the same site in different languages (i.e., English and German) are considered two sites derived from one copy of the product. If you need to design the same site in a different language, you will have to purchase additional site licenses. With the purchase of several copies of the product, you are entitled to volume discounts according to the amount of copies purchased.

Additional site licenses

If you need to design new sites in addition to your original two sites, with the original copy and license of the product, you must purchase additional site licenses. If you purchase additional sites simultaneously, you are eligible for a discount. Additional site licenses are intended for those who wish to design several sites (or language versions of the same web project) with the same product installation. For instance, if you buy one copy of the product, you can design a site in both French and English. If you purchase two additional site licenses, you have the right to create two additional sites in two other languages. A single copy with the proper number of site licenses can be used to design a endless number of sites.

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