Community Mental Health Services

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Community Mental Health Services

Community Mental Health Services

With the merge of two Virginia-based community services boards, the organization needed to find the best way to facilitate its combined services. Using telepsychiatry, the patient outreach has been expanded greatly by increasing the availability to patients and giving more options to both physicians and patients. Using CloudVisit Telemedicine, mental health professionals can now conduct HIPAA-compliant online video appointments with their patients. The service is easy to use, minimizes the need for travel, and maximizes the amount of time available to patients.

This custom CloudVisit Telemedicine login page features a crisp blue-and-white look to match the mental health service facility’s original branding.

With CloudVisit, community service boards can:

  • Become more accessible to your community
  • Refer patients to appropriate remote providers
  • Save time while helping more individuals than before
  • Build a network of easily-accessible specialists
  • Resolve mental health specialist shortage
  • Develop a niche in telemedicine
  • Ensure patient commitment to treatment
  • Follow up with patients